We unite in the Madness

I am not mad. I am Madness !
Und das mit Leib und Seele..

- to my brother.. -

some part of me is missing
well not missing in that sense
but missing you

i really enjoyed all the days and nights we talked and laughed
i loved how your voice sounded
it was awesome to practice with you
you wanted to teach me stuff
and you kind of did teach me
lessons i would have never learned without you 

you were a brother
a saviour
my guardian and my guide
a perfect person to talk to

you kept me save
even when i was sad
comforted me with random stuff
played the guitar for me
even if you couldnt play or sing 

we hurt each other but found a way out
just in the beginning
it was hard for both of us
but weve overcome that troublesome time

and now
i just miss you
i miss every inch i never knew
i miss christmas and birthdays
and letters

your painting is still on its old place
right above my bed 
there where i can see
and remember our time

just hearing your voice now
it would tear my soul apart

just.. cant we get back to that time again
when monday was our night 

im sorry..